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Client Feedback

“The most impressive parts about David’s training was his focus on structure, content and delivery. Once you have these in the correct balance – both the Fit and the case will sail through. I was amazed by how the same content can be framed in a structured way and delivered in a much more MECE way. This was the biggest challenge for me – I had the content but not the structure and presentation. Also while solving the math problems, I learned that just getting the correct answer is not important – connecting the answer and relating it to the question at hand is most insightful – to be answer first and case specific.”


“I just got a call from a partner at McKinsey New York office with an offer to join the company for the summer internship. Only 4 weeks ago I did not know what the case interview was…and it was David Ohrvall’s private lessons that guided me through the process. From possible fit interview questions to varied case challenges, David took his time and patiently worked with me, addressing every weakness I had. My new career track would have never been possible without his help and advice. For anyone who is looking to join a top consulting firm: do seek private coaching with David Ohrvall. It will be worth it MANY times over.”

HBS Student

“As a junior at a non-Ivy, getting a summer internship with McKinsey/Bain/BCG is tough–but with David’s coaching and some hard work, I got final rounds at every firm I applied to and secured an MBB internship. David helped me become a top-tier candidate by drilling the things that matter most, and helped me rise from “cracking” cases to “acing” cases. (After one case with an MBB partner, he just whispered “wow” before regaining composure. That’s the “wow” factor David brings to the table.) Practice with friends, and you’ll learn how to crack a case. Hire David, work hard, and you’ll have interviewers’ jaws dropping.”


“I had practiced cases for over a year. I thought I was almost ready for consulting interviews; I was wrong. David’s perspective and guidance took me from merely average to truly extraordinary in my case solving ability.”

Experienced Hire


Behavioral Interview Coaching

  • 2 One-hour Sessions
  • Focus on IMPACT stories and answer-first communication
  • Follow-up notes and video
  • Zoom Meeting

Case Interview Coaching

  • Standard package: 3 One-hour Sessions
  • Original Mock Cases
  • Follow-up notes and video
  • Zoom Meeting

Case & Behavioral Coaching

  • 4+ One-hour Sessions with 2+ Coaches
  • Original Mock Cases
  • Follow-up notes and video
  • Zoom Meeting

Coaching FAQs

How do I sign up?2018-02-14T12:18:09-06:00

It’s easy! Send us a Coaching Request to help us understand your needs and interview timing. We will match you with your desired coach, and then he/she will reach out to you. Our Coaching Coordinator, Dee Miller, will also contact you to help schedule your sessions and answer any questions.

To book a Small Group Session, you can go right to our scheduling system and sign up.

Do you help your clients write resumes?2018-02-14T12:13:46-06:00

We do not help with writing your resume, but we will give general feedback on how recruiters may respond to your resume.

Can you help me with my fit interviews also?2018-02-14T12:10:38-06:00

Absolutely! The fit interview can be trickier than people realize, as interviewers often convert resume fit interviews into “mini-case” interviews. You must know your resume very well, and be prepared to explain each of the experiences listed. In a single hour fit session, we can build a logical thread connecting your past experiences to your future goals. We’ll help you discover and tighten the links between your work experiences, help you craft key talking points, and ensure your responses are polished, clear and succinct.

Do I need to sign up for 3 sessions? Can I do a single session?2018-02-14T12:03:07-06:00

We highly recommend starting with our 3-session package to achieve the best level of transformation. Three sessions, spaced about a week apart, gives you enough time to implement our advice. At the conclusion of each session, your coach will suggest ways to focus your practice, using both drills and partner cases, to strengthen key areas in need of improvement.
If you are limited on time/budget, we recommend starting with a small group session of 2-4 students. They are extremely helpful for diagnosing strengths/weaknesses and developing a prep plan. In our small groups, you’ll have the chance to practice parts of the case and also observe how your peers perform.

Can you guarantee me a management consulting offer?2018-02-14T11:43:49-06:00

We cannot guarantee an offer, but we can guarantee that your performance will be at a significantly higher level of insight and consistency. To secure an offer from a management consulting firm like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, you’ll likely be expected to perform in the top 5-10% of candidates across 4-6 case interviews. To achieve this, you’ll need a solid foundation in communication, structuring, and analysis. We will help you develop techniques to perform more consistently across a variety of case interview questions and consulting firm styles. In addition, many of our clients say that our coaching has enhanced their ability to do well in their current consulting job.

What kind of cases do you give?2018-02-14T11:28:53-06:00

Our original cases are designed by each coach to challenge your logic, math and overall communication skills. Our cases cover a variety of industries but are not designed to teach you in-depth knowledge about a particular industry. Rather, the industry is a backdrop for practicing the critical structuring and analytical skills needed to succeed in your case interviews.

Can I meet with my coach in person?2018-02-14T11:06:13-06:00

Our coaching sessions are held via Zoom or Skype video conference and/or phone. We have used video interface successfully with clients from every continent, helping many secure offers at BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Booz, AT Kearney, Accenture, and many other large companies and boutique firms.

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