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David’s Crack the Case workshop was so engaging and informative that I signed up for his 10-week bootcamp. His infectious energy and insider tips are exactly what I need to focus on improving my casing skills.

Emma Temple, Kellogg MBA

Interview Logic was instrumental in my preparation for ultimately landing multiple job opportunities during an unusually tough time to be a job seeker. Interview Logic prods you to examine your experience and teaches you to communicate your value in a compelling way.

Karen Kwan, Wharton MBA

So many books and methods focus on memorizing frameworks or formulas. David teaches you how to think well—structuring your thoughts and breaking down problems. If you’re serious, take a look at Zintervu.

Gregory Pennington, Cambridge Judge MBA

I enrolled in David’s Interview Logic workshop last year as a first-year MBA to get some help with internship interviews. I’m so glad I did because I received offers from all of my first-choice companies.

Nasim Mirzai, Duke Fuqua MBA

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