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Crack the Case – Interviewer Led Cases

Now it’s time to take your skills to the next level! As a follow-on to the Crack the Case Level 1 workshop, in this session we’ll discuss what differentiates top-candidates in case interviews, demystify the interviewer-led case, and share additional strategies for showcasing the key skills interviewers look for. Prepare for the pressures and challenges of interview day as you work through cases covering a wide range of industries and business topics, and have multiple opportunities to practice “thinking and communicating on the fly.”

In this fast paced, interactive workshop, participants will continue honing the CSAI skills covered in Crack the Case Level 1 (Communication, Structuring, Analysis, and Integration) as we dive deeper on practicing:

Strong case starts: Embedding case specific, hypothesis driven thinking into your upfront structure
Conceptual thinking & mid-case structuring: Responding effectively to mid-case brainstorming questions common in an interviewer-led case
Interpreting data: Driving to second-level insights and the “so-what” when analyzing case exhibits

Throughout the workshop we’ll allow ample time for Q&A and provide actionable tips for how to continue your interview preparation between now and interview day.

Location: Online – Zoom Platform

  • Please use a PC, laptop or tablet with the camera and microphone enabled.
  • This is an interactive session where participation is required. We will use the Zoom room break-out feature for in-class partner exercises.

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